Cosmetics For Your Different Body Parts

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Cosmetics For Your Different Body Parts

As women, we exert every bit of effort to keep ourselves attractive and beautiful for our men. To aid us in this mission, I will provide some suggestions on what cosmetics to look for to achieve the look that we are trying to aim at and to give our men a babelicious look they couldn’t resist.

One of the things that could definitely attract a man would be great looking skin. Just as bees are drawn to honey, men are drawn to women with healthy, smooth skin. Achieving healthy flawless skin is not easy and it requires from you discipline in performing a daily beauty ritual. It is important to have a checklist for your skin care. It is important that you choose a cleanser that is gentle, removes make-up and doesn’t strip your skin’s natural oils. A good scrub is also essential to remove black heads and remove unwanted dirt that may have been lodged in your pores. As you enter your late 20s start using treatment products that are catered for the needs of your skin and age. Use a moisturizer to help keep skin smooth and supple. Regularly exfoliate to remove dead skin cells as well as moisturize. Lastly always put on a sunscreen to prevent from ultraviolet damage on your skin.

To achieve a pretty face accentuate your prized assets. Emphasize your eyes with appropriate eye make-up that could open them up and project a sexy tantalizing look. You may opt to give your set of peepers a smoldering smoky appearance as well. Obtain a rosy look with a blush that would give you a natural finish. Attain sexy and kissable lips with the right combination of lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss for lips that are oh so hard to resist.

Score sexy legs by keeping them smooth with lotions and moisturizers. Use self tanners to achieve a slimmer appearance and to help hide old scars and cellulitis.

Turn him on with well kept hands and feet by getting regular manicures as well as pedicures. Cuticle softeners can help you get rid of unwanted cuticles. Give your feet a day off with a foot scrub or by treating it to a special foot mask.

Whip up a hot coiffure by creating sexy tousled waves with the help of a curling iron and voluminous mousse or hair products that would leave him wanting to touch your crowning glory.

With these surefire ways, I’m pretty sure your man wouldn’t want to leave your side.