Permanent Makeup – Important Facts

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Permanent Makeup – Important Facts

With so many people having so much to do during the day, we are always looking for ways to cut down on our time. For women, one very time-consuming activity is applying makeup each morning, or even several times per day. One way to help can be by utilizing permanent makeup.

Permanent make-up can be a wonderful choice for women who play sports, have many things to do each day, are allergic to many cosmetic products, or just want to spend less time and money on the entire process. Permanent make-up, also known as cosmetic tattooing, is becoming quite popular, but there are things you should know before having the procedure done. (The Roja

When having permanent make-up is applied, the process, also called micro pigmentation, includes applying dies under the skin that give the illusion that a woman is wearing eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, lip liners, and even lipstick. If done correctly by a highly trained professional, a woman can achieve a very natural look.

A woman deciding whether or not permanent make-up will be right for her should look into all the options. She should do a lot of research and understand that there are many advantages, as well as disadvantages, to having such a permanent procedure done on her face. (The Roja

One advantage is definitely the time issue. Not having to apply makeup each day is a real-time saver. But, you won’t have the option of varying your makeup shades since only one shade is able to be tattooed onto your skin.

Permanent Makeup – Important Facts

Permanent Makeup – Important Facts

But the disadvantage of permanent make-up is that, as with any type of surgical procedure, there are risks. You should always consult with your doctor, as well as verify the credentials of the person who will apply the permanent make-up before you have the procedure done. (The Roja

If you’ve decided to go ahead and have permanent make-up applied, there are different types to choose from. You can have eyebrow liner applied to help with sparse eyebrows, you can have eyeliner applied to help your eyelashes look thicker, and you can even have lip liner or lipstick applied so you never have to worry about pale lips again.

Another option is dying your lashes. This is great for women who suffer from near-sightedness, are athletes, or even women who are always on the go. It is also a great alternative to mascara for those women who have makeup allergies or a shaky hand. (The Roja

Remember, when choosing to have permanent make-up applied to your face, there are several things that you should be aware of. The inks and dyes that are used when permanent make-up is applied are known as color additives. Most surprisingly, none of them have ever been approved for use as permanent make-up. (The Roja

Currently, the FDA is in the process of evaluating the safety of having permanent makeup applied. Their biggest concern is the use of unsterile equipment that can transmit quite infectious diseases, therefore all equipment must be clean and sanitized. (The Roja

Lastly, unlike with a regular tattoo, permanent make-up can not be removed easily, and, in some cases, the permanent discoloration can occur.

Summary: With so many people having so much to do during the day, we are always looking for ways to cut down on our time and for men...



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