Waterproof Eyebrow Gel


Peel-Off  Eyebrow Tint 

  • What does eyebrow gel do?

  • How fast drying is it?

  • Can I exercise with this?

  • Does it completely cover white hairs?

  • How long is it usable? So if I barely use will the gel get bad etc.?

  • I usually use a taupe eyebrow pencil as I have dark blonde to light brown hair. Which of these three colors would be closest to a taupe color?

  • I have salt and pepper hair and I want a soft gray for my brows. I don’t want anything that stands out. What do you suggest?

  • Does this dry after its applied and stay on (water proof) or does it stay wet all day?

  • Does brow gel go on first?

  • Can I use this product on my eyelashes too?